Puretec MultiTrol System

MultiTrol™ Filtration System

The Puretec MultiTrol System is for reducing tannins, hardness, iron (ferrous, organic and colloidal) and manganese. It has the ability to do all this in one pass.


The MultiTrol System incorporates the evolutionary, ground breaking Profil-X™ media which is a special blend of natural and synthetic media and is easily regenerated like a water softener with a sodium chloride (salt) backwash.

There are two backwash control options; automatic and volumetric.

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MUL-E1 Head

MUL-E3 Head

• Reduces Tannin, Iron, Manganese and Hardness

• Large capacity separate resin and brine tank

• Complete system, no extra parts required

• 1 Year Warranty

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System Specification and Performance Data

Model Number Description Capacity Service Flow Lpm Max Flow Lpm
MUL35-E1 Automatic Time Based 1967 litres 33 lpm 61 lpm
MUL35-E3 Automatic Volume Based 1967 litres 33 lpm 61 lpm
MUL50-E1 Automatic Time based 2753 litres 47 lpm 78 lpm
MUL50-E3 Automatic Volume based 2753 litres 47 lpm 78 lpm
MUL70-E1 Automatic Time based 3933 litres 67 lpm 95 lpm
MUL70-E3 Automatic Volume based 3933 litres 67 lpm 95 lpm
Operating Pressure 138 - 862 kPa
Operating Temperature Range 5 - 40°C
Supply Voltage 230V AC
Supply Frequency 50 Hz
Output Voltage 12V AC
Output Current 500 mA
Inlet/Outlet Connections 1” Male BSPT
Drain Line Connection 3/4” Male NPT Standard
Brine Line Connection 3/8” OD Poly Tube compression
Maximum Levels / Conditions for Operation
Hardness 752 ppm
Iron 16 ppm
Tannin 5 ppm
Manganese 3 ppm
TDS 4000 ppm
pH 5.0 - 9.0
Not effected by Hydrogen Sulphide
Resistant to chlorine below 1 ppm
Must be installed in a continuous pressure line (138 - 862 kPa)

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