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Model No: SOL160-2CI

Commercial Water Softeners, 167 Lpm

The Puretec SOL-2CI Series softens water by removing hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) also known as limescale.

Hardness, if uncontrolled, will cause scaling, eventually blocking plumbing and shortening the life of appliances, kettles, hot water systems and urns, increasing energy use and costs.

The SOL-2CI Series achieves long life of the filter bed through regeneration using brine solution which is operated through a fully automatic volumetric control valve.

The SOL-2CI Series can also be used to reduce iron levels, in some cases.

Contact the Puretec Water Treatment Team for expert selection and advice.

Features & Benefits

• Large capacity resin and brine tank.
• Complete system, just add salt.
• 50mm connections for larger flow rates.
• Weatherproof cover.
• Weatherproof transformer.
• Automatic volume based regeneration for optimised performance and salt use.


Ordering Number:
Auto Backwash
25 mm
Min/Max Service Flow:
45-90 Lpm
1 year
Operating Conditions: 1. Service capacity is based on 140ppm hardness. 2 Brine tanks included. 3. Electrical 240V 50Hz AC supply. 4. Operating pressure - 690 kPa, minimum 140 kPa. 5. Pressure loss 65 kPa. Speak with one of the Puretec specialists to confirm this product selection.
Ordering Code
Automatic Volume Based
Continuous Flow Rate
167 Lpm
Maximum Flow Rate
210 Lpm
95,000 litres
Operating Pressure
200 - 600 kPa
Operating Temperature Range
5°C - 40°C
Supply Voltage
240V AC
Inlet/Outlet Fitting Connection
Drain Connection
Automatic Volume Based
Note: *Capacity is based on 130ppm CaCo Total Hardness.

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