Autumn Special - Limited Time Only

Take advantage of Puretec's whole house water filter bundles in our Autumn Special. With options for both Rainwater or Mains water applications, you and your family can enjoy purified water from every tap. Keep your family safe from chlorine, water contaminants, viruses and bacteria.

Order now while stock lasts. This special ends on 31st May 2020.



Hybrid G7 | Filtration and Ultraviolet All-in-One Unit with Weather Cover [ More Info ]

This system reduces sediment, chemicals including chlorine, bad taste, odour and is highly effective in eliminating bacteria and parasites in your water. Suited to medium to large households that requires higher capacity and longer life filter cartridges. This unit features a weather protection cover that is suitable for outdoor installation and an anti-tamper & childproof lockable lid.

  • Kills 99% of E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts with Radfire ultraviolet technology, a natural purification process that’s completely eco-friendly and chemical-free.
  • High Strength Light-weight Aluminium bracket.
  • Designed for harsh climate.
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation.
  • Equipped with a lamp count-down timer and alarm.
  • Anti-tamper & childproof lockable lid.
  • Hinged lid for easy access for lamp change.

Price (RRP): $2,191.61 Incl. GST*
*Price listed is suggested retail price. Reseller price may vary.

TankSafe | Rainwater Tank Purifier 5 litres capacity [ More Info ]

Innovative product that can kill up to 99.9% of all germs, bacteria and viruses in your rainwater. Rainwater, carted water and water that is pumped up from bores and dams all have the potential to be unsafe. The TankSafe™ formula can vastly improve the safety of these water supplies.

  • Safe alternative to harmful chemicals such as chlorine that leaves carcinogens in the water.
  • Colourless and odourless making it excellent for drinking water.
  • Protect your tank water for up to 2 months, unlike chlorine which dissipates quickly.
  • Low cost and non-toxic.

Price (RRP): $106.40 Incl. GST* Free with Hybrid G7
*Price listed is suggested retail price. Reseller price may vary.



WH2-60 | Whole House Dual Water Filter System (20”) [ More Info ]

Enjoy purified water at every outlet in the house. The WH2-60 is designed for mains water supplies reducing chlorine, taste & odour, chemicals and sediment in your water for the budget-conscious householder, giving good general purpose filtration. The system provides spring-like quality water throughout the house and is affordable for all.

  • Peace of mind with whole house filtration..
  • Dual stage filtration that reduces chlorine, bad taste & odour.
  • Extra sediment filter that removes dirt, rust and silt.
  • Easy to maintain and install with no power required.
  • Protects and prolongs the life of your appliances.

Price (RRP): $758.86 Incl. GST*
*Price listed is suggested retail price. Reseller price may vary.

PUREMIX-Z7 | High Flow Inline Undersink Filter System [ More Info ]

The PureMix Z7 system is designed specifically for applications with higher sediment and harsher water quality such as rural supplies, areas with older pipe infrastructure and rainwater. With 3 levels of filtration, the PureMix Z7 filters out sediment, rust and dirt down to 1 micron. Bad taste, odour, chlorine and other chemicals leaving healthy, great tasting, clean, safe and pure water.

  • Connects quickly and easily to any mixer tap! No extra holes on the bench top.
  • Provides pure, safe, filtered water for your whole family, free of chlorine and harmful cysts and inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Valve-in-head filter means no mess, quick-twist, hygienic cartridge change.
  • Uses advanced Z Plus Filtration Technology to finely filter water down to 1 micron through an advanced three stage process.

Price (RRP): $292.86 Incl. GST* 50% OFF
*Price listed is suggested retail price. Reseller price may vary.


Download the Autumn Special PDF here.

Applies to products as shown in this catalogue. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 31st May 2020. Available 13th April - 31st May 2020. Prices shown are Puretec’s promotional recommended retail price only with no obligation dealers to comply with. E&OE. Prices include GST. *Free 5L TankSafe with a purchace of a full price Hybrid-G7 unit during the promotional period only.

If you have any more questions regarding Autumn special or to know more about the whole house filtration, please contact us.