LPX Series | Anti-Legionella Filtration Units

The Puretec LPX Series is designed as final endpoint protection of patients and staff, especially at risk patients from Legionella in water. The high quality membrane used in the LPX Series are consistent in size and remove particles down to 0.15 Microns.

5 Products

Legionella protection shower head system, ½” M Connection
$259.84 Incl. GST*
Legionella protection inline filter, ½” F x ½” M
$241.46 Incl. GST*
Legionella Protection Tap Filter
$259.84 Incl. GST*
Anti-Legionella replacement cartridge suits LPX Shower, 0.15 micron
$166.84 Incl. GST*
Anti-Legionella replacement cartridge suits LPX-TAP, 0.15 micron
$166.84 Incl. GST*