Model No: NTS3000

Neutralising Treatment System, 1 inch, 40-90 Lpm

The Puretec NTS3000 neutralising treatment systems is designed to correct the pH (acidity) of the water supply. Acidic water can cause corrosion of pipe-work and seals in the water line, causing costly damage.

The Puretec NTS Series reduces green/blue staining commonly noticed on plumbing fixtures meaning that corrosion of the pipe-work has possibly started. These units effectively utilise a calcium carbonate media, which slowly dissolves into the water to lift the pH, protecting the plumbing system from corrosion.

Knowing the pH level of your water can help you prevent secondary effects. If the acidity of your water is too high, corrosion can leach out lead and copper from pipes and plumbing as well as damage your water supply system and water heater.
$1,569.38 Incl. GST*
*Price listed is suggested retail price. Reseller price may vary.

Features & Benefits

• Neutralise potentially corrosive water with a low pH.
• Utilise calcium carbonate media to lift the pH.
• Slow reacting for controlled pH correctors.
• Media fill port for easy maintenance.
• Utilise calcium carbonate media to lift the pH.
• 1” connections means minimum pressure loss.
• No Power required.


Ordering Code:
Medium building / residence
in/out head
Service Flow:
40 Lpm
Max Flow:
90 Lpm
pH Range:
5.0 - 7.0
Min/Max Operating Pressures:
200 - 600 kPa
Min/Max Operating Temperature Ranges:
5 - 40°C
Inlet/Outlet Fitting Connection:
1” Male Inlet/Outlet
1 Year
Operating Conditions: 1. Neutralising media is consumed according to pH level and needs to be replaced periodically. Speak with one of the Puretec specialists to confirm this product selection.

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